Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Continuing on from the GOYA post, I thought I'd put up some photos from something else that Sunshine and I got up to earlier this month. We'd both had a bad day with work and being stood up by potential wedding caterers. I left Sunshine in the Arnolfini Gallery while I popped upstairs (our studios are in the same building, on the 4th floor) for a tutorial.

When I finished, I came down to find Sunshine pulling apart a toy typewriter to get the keys ... He had found the SUPERTOYS exhibition and was busy making a "dancing tape-head baby"! Not be be outdone, I made "Mr Wolfie" (that's your favourite fairytale character's arms and legs sticking in him / out of him ...) ... yes, it was all a bit bizzare, but it was such a load of fun! (especially after a bad day ...)

Here are our creations all lined up on the shelves. "Love Me Bear" was by Sunshine and a reaction against all the mutilation. Apparently the toy stash that was there in the gallery for us to take apart and put back together were donated by school kids who had been asked to bring in toys they no longer wanted! Bear was so soft and cute that we left him be, with a necklace round his neck saying "Love Me", and a tag that said "Representing the Hopes and Fears of Endangered Toys Everywhere..."

The exhibition is on till the 18th of January 2009 and I HIGHLY recommend it. We've been back a couple of times since , just to see how things are going; the shelves are PACKED with mutant creations, and I am proud to say my Mr Wolfie has been moved to the extra special Window Sill, where the curators have displayed the best of the creations ... ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Drew's is a most excellent scary creation. Send him to the belfry in the next thunderstorm.

Camilla said...

I wonder where mine have ended up? I need to do a post about this exhibition- I created a crazy thing with lots of legs on it.