Thursday, June 28, 2007

Self portrait in a pocket mirror

Says what it does on the tin ... I had my face so close to the thing that I had to shut one eye to avoid stereo vision. I also seem to have obtained a birthmark on my forehead - a blemish on the paper...

And yes, my glasses DO sit a bit wonky-ly on my face!

The battle of the toasters ...

The Dualit is Sunshine's; chunky, shiny and everyone's favourite brand ... right? Well the Swan is mine and its slots can fit whole crumpets and English muffins AND full length pita bread - definitely the winner in MY books ...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Katherine W. who are you?!"

It's all over - today was the last day of the exhibition and a whole bunch of us turned up to mark the end. It was quite surreal to think that this was it - no more foundation course and no more hanging out with the girls (and guys) as part-time foundation students. We were the last people out of the building and to celebrate we all went down to our regular haunt, the "Tealight and Chandelier" for drinks.

I also finally got to look properly through my comments book - and I had been left some lovely words, mostly from people I know. But in amongst it all there was the message above. I have no idea who it is, and apparently she has been following my blog! All I can say is, "Katherine W. Who are you?!". Leave me a comment here so I can thank you properly.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



This is the handbag I had with me yesterday at the private view -
with my homemade DNA badge and one of Laura's "Sold- not FMP" badges that all of us were wearing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Private view

Summer term week 9 at art school

People looking at my work.

Looking through my portfolio.

My 'lab bench' as re-tweeked this morning to include a few more laboratory goodies,
my moo cards, and a comments book.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Moo cards

Yay! My moo cards arrived today! I've used 6 images from the FMP and put my name and contact details at the back in the style of a small business card. Hoping to have them out on my desk at the exhibition. I'm fairly pleased with them ... don't mind if all of them go over the period of the exhibition - can always order new ones with new images ...

In other news, I took Dad round to college to see my bit of the exhibition (had special permission as he won't be in the country when the show is on). Not entirely sure what he thought - he didn't say much, just took a couple of photos of me with my work. Ah well - I don't think he still really understands what I'm doing or why I've chosen to do this with my life. At least I caught him procuring one of my moo cards for himself ;)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

School outing

Summer term week 8 at art school

This was our week-off off college (as the assessments happen in our absence) and so some of my course mates and I decided to go on a school outing to the Museum of Childhood. I used to live round the corner from there so I've been several times - but its always a pleasure to go look at all the toys. This time I thought I'd draw some of the toys they have that I used to have as a child.

Please ignore the dates on the pages - I'm filling in the diary in retrospect!

Hmmm ... my drawing mojo has gone to pot while I've been struggling over the FMP. What dubious sketches :( I need to get back into practice!

I used to have a viewmaster viewer when I was a wee-nipper ... it was so long ago that I don't even remember what image disks I used to have!

The film E.T. came out when I was about 8 and I went to watch it with my grandma at the cinema - so exciting! The battery powered E.T. with its glowing orange and blue LED lights was a prized possession - I think I got it for my birthday, but no idea who from.

Mum used to buy me Chupa Chups lollipops as a special treat whenever we went on a day trip to Singapore. At the time the lollies came with free Playmobil characters. I amased quite a set of Red Indians and Cowboys and I think I even had a couple of horses ...

My, what a leaky brain I have .....

Friday, June 01, 2007

Pre-show setup

Summer term week 7 at art school

This is how my exhibition space is looking like at the moment. This is for assessments next week, so the stuff on the floor which is all the supporting work, will be gone before the private view. I've added a bit of 'filler' - the word 'laboratory' done using my molecular modelling kit; rainbow coloured protein structures in petri dishes; a clamp and some glassware for my 'bench' (the coloured beads in the test tubes are more of the beads from the molecular modelling kit); my notebook/sketchbook from the project which I have labeled 'Laboratory Notebook'; and another book I've done in an actual laboratory notebook that I had to source from my old college, which has pictures of all the stuff I've used and drawn in my boxes, and a description of what they all mean and are used for - this I've labeled 'Laboratory Handbook'. Incidentally, I've also labeled the three folders on the floor 'Laboratory Manual' - to keep in theme! I'm hoping to have some Moo cards printed in the next week in time for the private view on the 12th, that I can use as business cards and stick them in a container being held up by one of the clamps.

I think its looking OK, but I'm not entirely convinced. I'm also right in between two fabulous students with fabulous work - so feeling a bit self conscious I think. Eeep!

Another bit of news is that I've been asked to bring in the whole of my portfolio of work from the year, including sketchbooks and such, to be put on show for the exhibition - not everyone has been asked to do this, so its a real honour.

Can't believe how quickly this year has come to an end ...