Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos galore

My (our?) current favourite photo from the wedding ;)

As the blog will be quiet again for a bit while we are away at my parents, I thought I'd leave my readers with a bit to look at while we are away ...

Firstly, remember my invite? I was a little unsure how it was going to be received as its not your typical wedding invite, is it? Anyways, I also asked people to send me pictures of their "Tweeters" once they made them up - and what a good idea
that was :)

Here is a link to a gallery of Tweeters - Sunshine's dad especially (about a-third down the page, from Dubai) really got into it and his selection is
wonderful ...

And if you're up for more; here are some actual wedding pictures (lots on facebook so you will need an account for that): Will also keep updating here as more photos get put on the internetz :)

Nic Rogers Flickr

Simon and Anika Flickr

Julie Facebook

Mel & Jo Facebook

Mithi's dad (on Tiara's account) Facebook

Nic Hannam (claims to be other people's!) Facebook

Uncle Chris (on Lucy's account) Facebook

Xtina (5 photos within a larger 2009 folder) Facebook

Milla Flickr

David & Jodie Facebook

The Kathys Picasa

Adele & Mark J Picasa

Oh yes, and we've already been blogged about :

Milla & Adele

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello world!

Photo by Simon & Anika

Greetings all! I give to you Mr & Mrs Sunshine ...

We are back from our exquistely lovely Cornish mini-honeymoon; and from the photos that have been slowly filtering back; the wedding was a fairly good (if I do say so myself) party
despite the rain ;)

Now to get the house in order; spend the next week recovering; and doing all the other little things we need to deal with before we go off again to visit my parents in Malaysia next week.

And as such the blog will be a bit quiet for a bit more, but hopefully I will be back with lots of wedding crafty bits in the next couple of months. As I did pretty much everything myself, I didn't really have time to catalogue eveything - such a shame - but I am hoping that other people did, and between all the photos people have taken, I can try and give you a sense of how the wedding went ...

Toodle pip for now ...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

9 days and counting!!!!!

Oh! Its been over two weeks since I wrote last ... sorry! But as you can imagine, the wedding planning/making has really stepped up speed now ... with only 9 more days to go! Whoopeee!

I did thought manage to go to London last week and visit the D&AD NewBlood exhibition. Here's our college stand - And congrats to Becki for winning a Best New Blood award!

Am really glad I went - as it gave me a sense of what I need to achieve for next year. The Coningsby show is on at the moment till Friday ... I was very much hoping to go, but I'm not going to make it ... considering how much wedding stuff is still left to do ...

Wedding planning is coming along smoothly - with lots of wedding crafts which I will blog lots about AFTER the wedding! Cheerio folks!