Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Character development

Gone back to working on the "Curious Incident" word-and-image module brief again. Have been redeveloping the characters to be a bit more 50s illustration /animation (being inspired a lot by the Cartoon Modern book). Here's what they look like at the moment - not final, but quite happy with how they are progressing.

Those of you with less bright screens will notice that there seems to be a strange shadow round each of the characters... that's because I didn't want to draw with black over my gauche painted stuff. I stuck some acetate over the colour paintings and then Indian inked over the acetate. The black works OK, but I want to try a couple of other treatments to try and give the characters more depth and texture ...

Christmas break from this Saturday - really looking forward to some time off to actually get on with college work!


Tiara said...

aww they're cute!

Zara said...

Ooooh, Cartoon Modern-ness - yippee!

I've been stuck in the 50s for a couple of years now so I'm definitely loving these.

Have you seen the related Cartoon Modern blogs? http://cartoonmodern.blogsome.com and http://cartoonmodern.tumblr.com.

Hope uni's going well - great work!

Z x

Carole said...

These are super characters, Mithi!

Anonymous said...

Great characters, Mithi!