Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dance Flyers and Baby Signs

Oh dear, I have been mighty absent from this blog, haven't I? I have been busy with life (as you can see on my other blog). But I have also been illustrating. Here's some stuff I made up for our dance club - yes, its a re-hashing of these, but thats what I was asked for ... these little dancing people proove to be popular!

I have also been busy with my hands ... yes it was a very long commission but part one of which has now finally finished.
I did 400 black and white line drawing ones in the end (100 words done in 4 languages). That commission now continues with colour images. I think though the colour ones are only going to be in English. I've spent today making up the faces in colour - still needs a bit of work, but am happy with how they are coming along. What I'm worried about is how they will look with the hands. I think I may have to do some fading-out or knocking-back or adding drop shadows to make sure the hands pop forward of the bodies. But that's for another day ...