Friday, December 19, 2008

I saw three... erm... TWO ships sailing by ...

Yesterday was the last day of this term (apart from the few people with tutorials today) and as an end of term fun project (because the tutors knew our hearts were not really into doing real work), we got to MAKE Christmas themed stuff.

A couple of weeks ago the tutors went to Scrapstore and picked up lots of bits and pieces for the first years to work on a fab making-3d-ilustrations-with-low-tech-things project with one of last year's graduates, the lovely Hattie Newman. Some of us second years were a bit sad because WE never got to do that kind of project ... so yesterday, we were given free rein to all the random leftover bits; pressure free, to make whatever we wanted in a vague Christmas/winter theme. I started with just wanting to make lots of layers - with eventually became the carol "I saw three ships come sailing by on Christmas eve in the morning ..." But I only managed to make two ships (on sticks so you can move them about). This photo was taken this morning by the window. It looks much better with strong sunlight shining through - but not much of that this time of year!

Photos of more of the random creations here on the illustration facebook group.

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