Saturday, June 19, 2010

The end.

This is it folks ... 3 years (4 if you include the foundation) of blood sweat and tears ... and it all ends with some bits on a wall and some stuff on the floor ...

I am beyond tired and just need to take some time off - although we still have quite a full three weeks ahead of London shows, portfolio reviews and Junior Fellowships to apply for.

More pictures and updates once I get my life back in order ...

Here's to new beginnings!

ps, the show is still on till the 24th. All details, plus London show details on the right hand sidebar

Friday, June 11, 2010

... and it is LIVE!

Click on the image to go to the NEW and IMPROVED website!

Thank you to Sunshine who helped tremendously with code-hacking.

And in other news ... my list of things to do seems to get longer the more things I tick off!

HIGHS: Mounts cut. Website up (still not convinced about banner image Updated!). Silk mmm... . Moo stuff has arrived. Booked into portfolio review with someone from Walker Books. Got into the AOI/TFL Cyling in London competition!

LOWS: Prints still not ready yet; some other things I tried printing just didn't happen (yesterday was the first time I cried throughout this whole process ... it has been so stressful and EVERYTHING went wrong yesterday). I haven't generated nearly as much work as everyone else as I've had loads of colour/screen/print issues which means I've wasted alot of time just trying to get the colour/printing correct on the images I DO have. I have kicked myself for not getting confident cycling and driving over the last year as it would have been SO useful this past week (I must have walked MILES between the main campus - studios - printers -stationers - etc in the last two weeks). No weekend access to the studios (I'm not even going to go there - that is a story for AFTER we graduate). Have to get AOI/TFL image printed, framed and sent off to London by Degree show day (what bad timing!). AOI/TFL opening night is same as our London Degree show ... damns!

Off to whitewash the show space today and tomorrow. And then its putting up show next week! CHINKIES!