Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Indian Prayer - abstract book

Thank you everyone for the messages since my last slightly depressed post ... to make up for it I thought I'd show you all how my abstract book is going. It's not meant to have words but I've photographed the pages with the relevant words so you can see how it relates to the poem.

Its all in place now, just need better paper to print on and then source some book cloth and stuff to make a good cover and bind it. This is actually the one piece that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this year and am really quite happy about ...


Gesa said...

This looks so beautiful, Mithi. I haven't been reading much of other people's blogs as autumn is always so busy - I am sorry to hear about the driving test: stuff like that can be so frustrating, in particular when other things don't seem to be going well.

Creative work can be sooo hard: it's such an excessive focus on individual achievements (I've been trying to get to grips with that in yet another round of doubts over academic work), and I'm very much looking forward to a winter break too. It's well due. All the best,

Adele said...

This is cool. So much fun. Love the morphing of it. Glad you're happy with it, too. That's very important. Even if the rest of the world says you do great work, it's important to feel it in yourself.

Love you!

Jen Collins said...

such a beautiful outcome!