Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drip feeding...

Here I am lovely peeps ... drip feeding you content to keep you interested.

Planetmithi is in full blown get-ready-for-degree-show mode. Today, postcards and mountboards were ordered. I am still making images, still have to print them, and decide what's going up on the walls at the show and what's going in my portfolio; tweeking website and all manner of other bits and bobs.

Ah, and yes, the Degree Show info is up! Lookie (click on image to go to site):

PRIVATE VIEW (invitation only)
Friday 18 June 18.00-21.00

Saturday 19 June 10.00-18.00
Sunday 20 June 10.00-16.00
Monday 21-Thursday 24 June 10.00-20.00

We are also going to be in LONDON twice:

D&AD New Blood 2010
(With Graphic Design, and a limited show)
The Old Truman Brewery
15 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QL

Industry Private View on Thursday 24th June 2010
Continues until Monday 28th June 2010
10am to 6pm daily

And the Coningsby Gallery,
(Just illustration so more substantial show than D&AD - but smaller than UWE show)
30 Tottenham Street
London W1T 4RJ

Private View on Monday 5th July 2010 (6:30-9pm)
Continues until 9th July 2010
10am to 6pm daily

Please come and see us!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ye Olde Stuffe

Earlier this week, the lovely and very talented Miss Hattie Newman sent me this image ... its something I helped her with way back in August 2009. I'd almost forgotten about it ... its the New York skyline done with books - for a Royal Mail internal magazine. It was lovely working with Hattie ... Favourite bit had to be precariously hanging books to look like they were flying :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aaaaand here is a picture of the Queen ...

Hello there those lovely people who still come back to see what's up on planetmithi - almost nothing by the looks of it ... but fear not! A LOT of work is happening behind the scenes and we are T-minus 37 days to the degree show!

I've been working days, evenings, weekends ... and it feels (mostly) good. My work is finally beginning to look a bit more consistent, and I'm much happier with where it is going. Its amazing how much its moved on from just 6 months ago. They've been cracking the whip at college and you can see the reasons why as everyone's work is really coming together. There is a real buzz in the studios and I think it is going to be one hell of a good show :)

I still have a lot of images to make and work to do - and I really need to rehash this blog and my portfolio site, and design some personal stationery/business cards on top of all that. Have a look at our timetable leading up to the three (one Bristol, and two London) shows ... its manic!

I promise I'll upload all the work I'm doing now (including process sketches etc) once the show is up and I have a bit more time on my hands ... but in the meantime, here are some drawings of the Queen to keep you entertained ...