Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bristol is the new Black

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts lately - the only creative thing I've managed to do is draw a toy robot (no sample at the mo as the scanner has been packed away!)

Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Planetmithi - yup, today marks ONE YEAR of the blog and of me making my 'creative journey' public.

Third, to celebrate, we're MOVING to BRISTOL today ... whoopee!!! Ok, so maybe not
to celebrate per se, but its quite appropriate that I move to Bristol on the anniversary of me embarking on a journey that has now put me on course to becoming an illustrator. Happymithi :)

So - in about 10 minutes we walk out of the house (for the second last time as we have to unload, and come back for the more - oh yes, double whammy move); then after the weekend we have to go away for a few days as the builders are still in decorating and we are not allowed to stay overnight; then from mid-week next week, Sunshine and I start our new lives as Bristolians ... woohoo ... Bristol is SO the new new Black, Dah-ling!


Bitterjug said...

Congratulations darhling! I Want to come visit. What are you having the builders do and where will you be while they are trashing the place?

Maggie said...

Hope the move goes smoothly, and you don't run into heavy traffic, floods, earthquakes, cloudbursts, landslides or other adverse environmental differences! ;-)

Look forward to seeing your drawings of your new home.

Best wishes from rather grey Liverpool

Nikki said...

YEAH!!! Congratulations!!!

Camilla said...

Bristol is TOTALLY the new black! I hope you enjoy your time here, and that maybe someday soon we will bump into one another.

Alison said...

Happy settling in.

Zara said...

Hope it all goes well! Moving is manic!

lyzi said...

yay for bristol :) it will be good to meet you! tell me more about you! x

lyzi said...

oh i will have a read :)
oh you're lucky being there so soon, i'm moving up on the 15th.
devon is where i live now :)

i'm scared to see what i will be doing in the next 3 years.. eeek.
thank you!