Friday, August 10, 2007

Adventures in Gocco-land

On the left is the lovely lovely artist Christina Lamb. Yesterday I spent a whole long wonderful day learning all the tips and tricks to using the gorgeous little Japanese screenprinting machine/kit known as "Print Gocco".

I came across Gocco about a year ago whilst looking up home screenprinting kits. I'd done a whole year of screenprinting classes and absolutely loved them, but after moving to our current place couldn't get to the classes easily anymore. So I started looking for something I could set up at home. In my search I came across this site and completely fell in love with the kit. After lusting after a set for a LONG time (they're not easy to get hold of), I finally treated myself to a second hand one I found on Ebay as a present to myself for getting on the UWE illustration course. It took two months to arrive, but I finally got it in July.

As the consumables for the kit are quite pricey, I didn't want to start experimenting without knowing what I was doing first. I started reading through the Gocco Flickr group, and the Gocco Yahoo forum - there I found Christina (or Xtina as she is otherwise known). She seemed like quite an active Gocco-er, AND she was based in London - so I e-mailed her to see if she'd show me how to use the kit; and she agreed!

So thats how I spent my Thursday, playing with Xtina's Gocco sets, learning LOTS, and also getting to know a really lovely person at the same time. I took LOADS of photos as reference, and now have to sit down and type up my notes. As it turns out, Xtina is as anal about boxing, labeling, and organising things as I am - so nice to come across an artist after my own heart :) I wish though I had taken a better photo of her doing her stuff, but you'll just have to be happy with this one.

My Gocco set is in amongst the packing boxes that are piling up in anticipation of our move to Bristol - so I don't think I'm going to end up using it just yet - but in the meantime have a look at the lovely stuff people are doing with this kit on flickr, and Xtina's beautiful Gocco prints.

* In other news, its 3 weeks till Sunshine and I move to Bristol; and this is my 100th post! HappyMithi :)


Camilla said...

When you are here you'll have to pop in and see the Mark Pawson exhibtion at here- it opens on September 6th and will be gocco-tastic!

Camilla said...

Of course you're on my list! I'm excited to see what you do over the next three years- and looking forward to meeting you sometime.

Claudine said...

Mithi how does the gocco print multiple inks on one screen? I know screen printing only does one ink at a time because you drag the squeegee across the screen, but obviously the gocco works differently.

Claudine said...

Yes, that does make sense. Very clever. My interest is piqued. I think I may have to consider getting my own gocco as well. I am excited to see photos of the prints you make.

sue bulmer said...

Done and prints yet? Looking forward to seeing them.
How many weeks til you start your course? I bet you are soooo excited! Keep in touch!

sue bulmer said...

I have been thinking about gocco and was wondering how much they are to buy over here and how easy they are to use, running costs etc. Would be grateful if you could forward any info on to me??