Friday, September 28, 2007

Time for art

I've spent an awful large part of my life wanting my own home to decorate in my own way. We don't own our Bristol place, but it is ours - just Sunshine and I, no others. Anyways, included in that home decorating desire is to fill it with beautiful, functional objects; ideally handmade. And what better way to start than to do something myself!

We had a clock to go in our kitchen, but the background was faded and the colours just didn't go with what I was envisioning for my kitchen. So I had a poke at it and realised that I could easily remove the cover and take out the background. Looked around for some inspiration, and some drawing and guaching later - ta da! New clock! Minor design issue in that the background is light and so the hands and numbers don't show up very well - so some painting of those will probably happen very soon.

Here's the "before":


In other news, I have officially started as an illustration student :)

There's about 45 of us, and I'm NOT the oldest, Hurray! (I'm just the second oldest...). I've already met some lovely compatriots and I think I'm going to enjoy myself quite a lot :) We haven't done any art this week as its been basically enrolling, finding about about all the support services, students union, library etc, and about the structure of the course. We've been given our 15-week project briefs for this semester - there's 2; the first being to make work based on the words 'support', 'enclose', 'balance' and 'disperse'; and the second to make a pastiche of an artists work (plus obviously all the research and background stuff that goes with it).

Our first proper day will be on Monday the 1st - with a "Drawing Olympics" - nope, I don't know what its all about either, but watch this space for an update next week!


Nina Johansson said...

Congratulations to your new home - I know how it feels to suddenly have a place to call home, to have a base that you don´t have to move out of in the next few months... Nice!
And good luck with your studies, I´m looking forward to seeing what you will be up to next!

Anonymous said...

love the clock mithi! you could set up your own clock line :-) thought of doing something similar to our own boring clock but never got around to it. hopefully when we get our stuff out of storage! enjoying the lovely autumn colours here for now, hope it is similar where you are. all the luck for your course and enjoy it!

Kerstin Klein said...

congrats to your new home and to your studies. seems like your great life is getting better day by day. :)
i hope to start some kind if arts studies next year too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the starting your course as well as your new home! and the clock looks beautiful too :D If you get the time do expand on "make a pastiche of an artists work". Is the work supposed to be a tribute to the artist?