Friday, August 03, 2007

The business of illustration

So, yes, I haven't updated in a while - mostly because I haven't been doing much (OK, any) art of late ... But I have been busy getting to grips with this industry that is "illustration". I have, amongst other things, been:

1. Working for Sunshine's sister (who is lovely and a designer/illustrator), doing random odd jobs including a LOT of packing. Apart from doing commissions, she also has a range of stationary that she's designed and built up a good business from. Its the kind of thing I'd like to get into, and its been a real eye-opener to see how the business side of things is done. I've been making copious notes on how to run an freelance illustration and design business :)

2. Volunteering at the AOI Images 31 show. I did some invigilating, and also helped pack up the exhibition at the end - unscrewing frames from the wall, bubble wrapping, and peeling vinyl lettering from the walls is a lot harder work than you would imagine! Its been interesting meeting illustrators and the AOI staff, and reading all the AOI publications (there's not much to do when you're invigilating...)

3. Going to AOI talks - one about starting out as an illustrator after you first graduate (I know I'm a bit early, but you can never get enough of this info), and two by illustrators themselves about their work (it was fascinating as each was VERY different to the other).

4. Reading lots of books on illustration ...

Also in the last week Sunshine and I made a house-hunting trip to Bristol, and put in a deposit for a place :) (moving 1st September), and I've finally received my copy of my Foundation diploma certificate, and heard from UWE that my place is now unconditional! Hooray!

All systems go now ...


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated - but I've tagged you for "8 Random Things" on my blog



sue bulmer said...


Sounds like you have been very diligent and busy!! I got my certificate too, but unlike you haven't been doing anything as far as art goes really. Been on hols though to France which was fab. Hope to get a craft fair soon so need to start working on 'work' in September. I hope you are going to keep postng when you start at Bristol. It will prob make me wish I had applied