Thursday, May 17, 2007

Takin' over the house

Summer term week 5 at art school

Yup, I seem to be slowly taking over the whole house. I've sectioned off a third of the kitchen table with my computer, scanner and all my art materials; last week you saw me spread out over the carpet with my collage; and this week I've also spread to the studio table! Poor Sunshine - fortunately he's managed to keep his desk sacred ...

College this week was all about preparing for the show. Wednesday we painted the walls white and scrubbed down the floors (yes, they made the students themselves do it!) and today was a quick meeting about assessments, the show, and other bits like that. I know where I'm going to be, and I've also spotted the table I want to use (to dress up like a lab bench!). Unfortunately the desks (there are about 10 of them - I just need one) are in the BA fine art studios so I have to go nobble one from there ...

In the meantime at home my shadow boxes are coming along. The set of 8 smaller ones (in the photo above) are practically done. I'm happy with them and all I need to do tomorrow is dismantle them and put them together again with proper adhesives (just some crap sticky-tape holding it all together at the moment!). I'll post pictures of the final products then.

I also have the 3 larger boxes to finish; I want to do a little book describing all the bits of scientific equipment and paraphanelia I've used; have to finish collating and putting together in my notebook all the references, resources, tests, etc that I've used/done for the project (we get assessed on all that stuff too); and obviously get things together for the show. My idea is to have all the boxes on the wall behind a 'lab bench' installation on which I'll put my little book, sketch/notebook, and a few other laboratory bits and bobs. So excited, just under two weeks left!

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Cusp said...

I havent had a chance to come over here for a while but, my you've been busy and I love the shadow boxes. They really are beautiful.