Saturday, May 12, 2007

Current state of FMP

I've already tweeked some things since my last update - and I'm liable to do more (none of the collages are stuck down permanently yet), but I've had complaints that I don't update this blog often enough - so here's where I got to yesterday night (click on images for larger versions):


With acetates floating on top.

I think today I'm going to concentrate on all the non-artistic things, like working out how best to float the acetates in the box, and how to stick the envelope cuttings to the back of the acetates.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Yum! These are GORGEOUS!!

Robyn Sinclair said...

WOW! These are clever. Lovely.

MD said...

This is looking fabulous. You've worked so hard. Very effective and I look forward to seeing the final result.
As if you haven't got enough to do you've been tagged! Please join in if you can for a bit of fun. Visit My Sketch Blog to find out the rules.

Anonymous said...

So much fun to see these. I couldn't even imagine what they were going to look like. Please show us the finished pieces!

Alison said...

These are looking really interesting - you have come such a long way

Carole said...

These are looking fabulous! I can't believe how much work you are doing. Your final show will be worth seeing!

By the way, I've tagged you over on my blog.

Carole said...

Arggh! Just realised Marie-dom tagged you too. Sorry!

sue bulmer said...

HI, just got a link to your website from andrea josephs, and your stuff is lovely!! Have had a career change similar to your, mine wasfrom Pharmacy, and hoping to venture into card design and illustration, good luck to you

sue bulmer said...


Thanks for your comments on my blog, FMP has to be hung week after half term and then is marked the week after. What about yours? Its great that you could do your part time foundation in a year, mine was 2! I am so excited for you starting afresh and going off to Bristol. What made you change your direction? Will keep in touch with the blog


Maggie said...

Mithi, I think your work is stunning. I love the way you are mixing in your science background.

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but there is a wonderful blog called Street Anatomy about medical visualisation. Interesting links to LOTS of fascinating stuff. She's moving her blog soon, but at the mo you can find it here:

Best wishes from Liverpool