Thursday, May 10, 2007

Collage madness

Summer term week 4 at art school

This is what my floor looked like this week as I tried to get on with collages I'm planning for the backgrounds of the shadow boxes. From the top going clockwise is: the Ikea bag full of shadow boxes, and just in front of it is some test pieces; some graph papers, photos, other reference material and my sketchbook/notebook for the project; my selection of envelopes with interesting pattered insides which I'm using for collage; A stack of coloured paper; a selection of scientific journals from which I'm cutting out images for collage; and a selection of cutouts - some from the journals and some colour photocopies from my old biochemistry textbooks.

I've currently divided the boxes up into a few sets. The first one is the "measuring set" - ie they are all devices for measuring stuff. This lot are getting the envelope design treatment:

Without background collage

With early attempts at backgrounds

The second set is the "gadgets set" - ie slightly more complicated bits of gadgetry from the lab. I've also gotten slightly further with the collage work for this set:

I was in college today talking to one of the tutors about how my work is progressing and what else I plan to do and how I plan to do it. He seemed pleased with my progress - not much time left now though and I may have to scale back some of my other little ideas for the project.

Apart from the collage, and the drawings on the acetate, I'm hoping to also include some bits of labware in the shadow boxes. This evening I visited my old lab (to celebrate our paper finally coming out) and have managed to scrounge for a good selection of bits-and-bobs (thank yous to all the lovelies at Structural Biology for helping me source stuff!). I now hopefully have all I need to finish my boxes.

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