Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last day of spring term ...

Spring term Week 12 at Art School

Not much art has happened this week - its mostly been about working on my statement of intent. My final major project currently looks like its going to be based on my background in science. I'm still not year sure what exactly I'm going to do - but I suspect something illustration based. One of the tutors went through my statement with me today and it needs work, but I think I can manage. We also have to start work on our projects over the two week easter break (have to do a mini exhibition the first week we're back to show what we've been up to) so hopefully that'll help with getting the statement together. Then it's 5 weeks summer term and final major project, one week set up for final exhibition, one week where the internal assessments happen, and a last week where the external assessments and the final open exhibitions will be (mid June).

How quickly this year has passed!

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