Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life Drawing

Week 3 at Art School - p.2

Finally! Some CLASSICAL style of drawing - today was life drawing day. I'm not going to say too much as I think most people know what life drawing is. Like I've mentioned before, I find drawing the human figure quite difficult, but by the end of the day I was really getting into it. As they say, 'practice, practice, practice'. In the morning we did "Proportion and Shape". Here are my drawings:

In the afternoon it was "Light and Space" and here are my results from that:

Right at the end we did a couple of 10 minute (by my watch it was more like 5 minutes!) drawings trying to be as free as possible. So these are the last drawings from the day:

Homework is to do one more line based drawing, and two more shade and form based drawings. Hmm... am going to have to find myself a willing volunteer to be a model!


Lin said...

WOWZA!! Oh my gosh!! You are moving in leaps and bounds!! These are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, your artschool and progress are incredibly wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hellllooo! Thank you so much for having us over. It was great to finally catch up. Good luck with your new-found path. It's really inspiring to see that you're so into art school! I'm no artist myself but damn those drawings look awesome to me. =D

The Frase said...

Yes! Thankyou for dinner!

Love your life drawings- esp the "Proportion and Shape" ones.
The linework is super!

Jana Bouc said...

I like these a lot. The images really convey a sense of his weight and he looks solid and real. Very nice work!

Anonymous said...

Big change from those outline drawings like the robot arm. These have a real sense of 3D and mass. I'm sooo jealous