Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photography 1

Week 3 at Art School - p.1

Workshop today was photography. It was quite quick and consisted mainly of having depth-of-fields, F-stops and shutter speeds explained to us. We were given black and white film to play with - mainly because our tutor specialises in it, but also because there's less stuff to learn. Some people borrowed cameras from the college, but I had come prepared with The Flatmate's big and chunky Canon EOS-1. BEAUTIFUL camera - although slightly large for petite little me. The tutor brought in some lovely books of famous photographers work - and I realised that I had seen a lot of those already - how fortunate to live with a photographer!

We were sent off to spend the rest of the day to finish off a roll of 36 film, using the composition hints the tutor had given, and to try and photograph a theme of things, not just a random collection. Having used to live around the area, I went down to the canalside and took photos there. I've also organised to go visit my old lab on Monday so I can get a set of photographs of scientists doing science with scientific objects! We have to get the film developed by next week when we'll then pick a couple to print physically - can't wait! It'll be like being back in the lab! So, until next week, here's a drawing I did of The Flatmate's camera that what I borrowed.

Art and design history lecture today was "Victorian Tastes" - and MY, did they have eclectic ones!

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Anonymous said...


Your art school adventures sound like hard work - but also like so much fun! Your drawing of the modls is fabulous! I also really like the things you are learning about photography.
My camera is a digital but I really love it and take it wih me everywhere every day. If you have time and would like to see photos from my trip to Halifax last week, please visit my Blog. Have a great weekend!