Monday, October 09, 2006

EDM Challenge #1 Shoes

Being part of the Every Day Matters Yahoo Group I thought I should actually try and start doing the challenges. So here's number one, Draw a shoe (or a pair of shoes in my case).

Our neightbour Z came round the other day to try and sell off some of her old shoes. This is one of her pairs.


Lin said...

GREAT SHOES and awesome detailing with minimum of line!!! GREAT JOB!!!

SideShowMom said...

Fantastic drawing! I look forward to seeing more!

Jana Bouc said...

Wonderful drawing--I really love your style. There's so much personality in those lines!

suzanne cabrera said...

Nice composition and details! So, did you buy the shoes?

Anonymous said...

Magnificent and so well observed!
Beautifully drawn.

Chris said...

Hey Mithi, Mark just told me about your blog.

Well done on getting onto the course - sounds like you're having a blast already! I'm enjoying seeing your sketches, especially the development ones (page 3 and 4 of that exercise are great).

I'm surprised I didn't bump into you in Brick Lane during the Design Festival - I was wandering around up there on the same day as you by the look of it.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

These are fabulous - I don't know how or why but I have not been to your blog before?? I thought I'd visited every single EDM blog! Obviously not, of course this means that I now have to go through all your archives!! Great picture and I really like that technical-drawing feel to your work.