Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - part 2

The story continues ... (part 1 here)

I had been dreaming about a bright sunny wedding ever since we booked our gorgeous venue. But all of the Friday before as we were prepping; and all of the wedding moring; it rained ... But, about half an hour before the ceremony was due to start, it cleared, and an executive decision was made that we were going to have it outside :)

This meant that I got to walk down the "aisle" - through the flower garden - to one of Sunshine and my favourite songs, by our favourite Bristol artist - "On my knees" by Phil King. Happy me!

Although we and the "Best Posse" managed to keep dry in the beautiful wooden gazebo that the ceremony was held in, by the time we got to our vows, the guests had to get umbrellas out! I found this HUGELY distracting and worrying ("Argh! Our guests are getting wet!!!"); but they themselves seemed to be enjoying it just fine ;)

Speaking of vows, as you can see on the photo; rather than have a ring pillow to hold our rings, I tied them onto a lovely mossy branch I had collected on one of our many walks in the woods. The lady in the floral dress is Anna, who helped us make our rings - so we asked her to be ring-bearer.

As it was raining, I know that quite a few of the guests couldn't quite make out what our vows were. So here, for prosperity they are (we both started with "I made this ring for you", because we did!):

Sunshine's vows to Me

"I made this ring for you, and with this ring, I give you my promise,
that from this day forward, we shall be as one.
I promise to be there for you, when you need me.
To listen to you, to respect you and be faithful to you.
To laugh with you, to cry with you and to confide in you.
To trust you, to comfort you and to support you.
All that I have, I share with you.
May we dance together, through all of life.
May you always feel loved, for indeed you are.

With this ring, I am honoured to call you my best friend and my wife."

My vows to Sunshine

"I made this ring for you, and with this ring, I give you my promise,
that I will stand by your side forevermore
I promise to love you; to honour, and support you,
To trust you and to confide in you.
I promise to listen to all your thoughts, your hopes and fears,
And to dream with you, of all our beautiful dreams, together.
You are more than I could have ever asked for in my life
and for that I promise to always be thankful.
Let us dance together through all of life.

With this ring, I am privileged to call you my husband, my Sunshine."

Aawwwww... aren't we soppy ;)

Now, since weren't actually going anywhere after the ceremony (ie 'leaving the church'), we hadn't initially planned on having any confetti. But somehow by the wedding day, bio-degradable dried flower petal confetti had been ordered. It was so last minute that we hadn't even got a container for it (ended up using a waste paper basket from the venue!), and I still don't really have any idea how it got distributed - but some confetti fairies went to work and we ended up quite drenched!

AND, if we weren't going to have confetti, as per the original plan, we surely had to have something else that would allow our guests to be 'celebratisious' with us, no? Oh yes, in honour of our leaving-ceremony song "WooWoo" by Joe Marsala and the Chicagoans (very old swing track), I handmade 150 little flags! They went down really well and you can see them floating about in most of the wedding photos.

They are really easy to make - I made a template that I then printed out on thin card. I then cut the flag shapes, and sat down with some cheap bamboo barbeque skewers and a glue gun, and a few hours later - ta da! Flags! If you want to make some flags for yourself, download my template here.

Next week - table settings!


Drew Batchelor said...

All that I have I share with you...Except the pickled onions.

NotABlogger said...

Beautiful. Now that you've done it, I'm thinking that putting vows out there is a powerful and positive thing. After all, weddings are in part to bring together the folks who will support your union (my opion, not cut in stone anywhere).

Thanks for the message, btw. You're easy to compliment on account of having so much talent along with the wisdom and the courage to go with it!

Camilla said...

I seem to have something in my's leaking a little bit...

Dilkey said...

Share that pickled onions with her Drew,as you promised. And I promise you to make the best 'dall' that you could ever dream!! :) Tiara faithfully and with true dedication distributed those flower petal confetti to all the attending guests!!Thanks to Tiara. Your vows are soo beautiful,it brought tears to my eyes to you two.

mrana said...

Have I not said congratulations yet? CONGRATULATIONS!! It all looks so beautiful, I'm very happy for you and wish you both all the best the future has to offer, and very many beautiful dreams together. xxx

Tiara said...

Your sister is very efficient ;)

The Frase said...

Just a little bit of dust in my eye..

Beautiful photo's, guys!
And we're thoroughly enjoying this handy post-wedding posts!

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks for dropping by. If you make it down, the password is "the weather here is lovely".
And enjoying your wonderful photos, makes my all nostalgic for my wedding.

Adele said...

I recognise some of those photos! ;-)

The confetti fairy was your sister. She was very organised!

Jess Snell said...

I love your beautiful flags and BEAUTIFUL colorful wedding!