Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - part 1

Phew ... what a manic few weeks its been! We're just back from visiting my family in Malaysia - and I can safely say that we're going to be mostly here for the foreseeable future ...

Now that I've actually had a bit of time to go through all the photos we've had back from our "official" photographer (friend Burning Dan); and lots of other people - they're still slowly arriving in the post; I thought I might start trying to dig through and find photos to show you all the crafting and other details of the wedding that I got up to. So, for the next few however-many-Wednesdays it takes, I'm going to do just that, right here ...

Today I start with the
pompom project.

Initially I had planned to make lots of bunting to criss-cross the wedding marquee; but I found it difficult to source fabric that I liked, and at an affordable price. As a test I tried making one of the Martha Stewart pompoms that seemed to be all over the blogs last year. It turned out to be extremely easy to do and so I set about sourcing enough tissue paper in colours that I wanted to make at least 50 of them! 1 is easy; 50 is a bit more demanding ... It took me a whole day and a half of solid work to fold and tie them up; and I took them to the venue in that state. Then, the day before the wedding friends and family chipped in the "Pompom Fluffing and Hanging Game". It was
a lot of work ... thank you so very much to all my diligent little elves ;)

And this is what it looked like all hung up:

Two other little details I thought I'd share are the hand painted "Wedding" signs I made from junk wood planks and acrylic paint; to be hung on the way to the venue (at the top of this post); and the paper doily place cards I made for all the family reserved seats. I colour printed out individual names on transparent inkjet sticky labels, and stuck them to small paper heart doilies. These were then taped to the chairs. Unfortunately it rained - and the doilies didn't hold up too well; and alas, these are the only photos I have of them ...

So there you have it - the first few details you would have seen if you had been at the wedding. Tune in next Wednesday for part 2!

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