Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Imagine the surprise I had when I saw my site stats for yesterday ... almost all coming from here ... Muchas Gracias Microsiervos!


Dilkey said...

WOW!! My kids are becoming famous!!
I'm Such a proud Ammu.Keep on making Mummy soo ecstatic.Love you.

ferr said...

Of course, you deserve it!
Thanks for your work and ideas.

sue bulmer said...

Cor blimey Mithi, i think if my stats went up that much I'd die of shock, well done x

Claudine said...

Tell me about this. I went to the site, which I could read, hazily (my Spanish is not great). Do they monitor the traffic on your site...Do you register? Do you search yourself with them?...I'd love to monitor site traffic. Oh, and best of luck with all the work it sounds like you have on your plate. Go Mithi! Go Mithi!