Tuesday, March 04, 2008

(Not so) creative crocheting

The lovely Milla put me on to this ... A new Stitch'n'bitch group round the corner form where I live! And there I learnt to CROCHET!!!

Notice the bad crocheting at the bottom (beginning of the evening) and better at the top (end of the night).

I learnt from this lovely lady called Amy who is a GREAT teacher, and she even loaned me her wool and needle so I can keep practising for the next month till the next stitch'n'bitch.

I'm SO glad I went - I'd been cranky at home all day yesterday - I think I'm coming down with something - feeling very frustrated juggling lots of different projects and not seeming to get anywhere with any of them ... blah blah blah ... This was SUCH the lovely thing to do ... Meet local crafting ladies and do a bit of crafting and socialising. I'd actually gone in with my sketch book so I could draw people and then use it to do something for my drawing in location homework. But its difficult to draw people's hands moving so fast! So I took lots of photos instead and may do something with those ... and I learnt to crochet! Here's the proof (notice open sketchbook in the background):

There was all sorts going on - crocheting, knitting, cutting, gluing, sewing, etc etc ... pictures here of you have a facebook account. Come along next month!


Jane LaFazio said...

You know, sitting and sewing with friends is the best thing! It's so cathartic and productive at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I love Stitch 'n Bitch!!
I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying these crafty arts

- Nikki

caseytoussaint said...

Good for you - learning something new! It looks like you're really concentrating....