Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday love

What a great birthday its been! Woke up in the morning to open my present from Sunshine ... the CHARLEY HARPER book ... Its HUGE and wonderful ... Birthday LOVE!!!!!!! Thank you Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

After some lounging around with my book and having breakfast brought to me in bed, we headed out to the Slimbridge Wildfowls and Wetland Trust. What a lovely day to be out with the ducks and geese and swans. I took my sketchbook with me and tackled my fear of drawing live things head on, and am really quite pleased with the results. Above are just some of the sketches I did.

Sunshine and I were also quite trigger happy and took LOTS of photos ... once we've sorted through them, we'll upload onto flickr. But in the meantime, I've picked this one of the wonky feet of a moorhen to start me off on my project365. I shall be cataloguing my life for a year, a photo a day. So check back to this flickr set or this blog regularly.

Off to bed now - looking forward to great year ahead!


Kerstin Klein said...

Happy belated Birthday. What a wonderful present you received.

BTW: I like your glasses.

sue bulmer said...

Happy birthday

mrana said...

Happy belated birthday! And those duck sketches are cool, well done!