Monday, February 18, 2008

To send is better than to receive ...

To have something non-college like to do with a deadline and a bit of fun, I signed up for the Elsie Marley mobile swap. Having just done 'Disperse', I was well up for it ... but as usual I got a little over ambitious, and its taken up a lot more time (although highly enjoyable) than I had anticipated! Only just finished it today (the deadline is the 20th) and still have to work out how to wrap/post the thing tomorrow. And this whilst still working on college assignments ...

Anyways, here's a breakdown:
Stage 1: Draw on primed plywood (left over from 'Support')
Stage 2: After cutting out and sanding the edges, paint with a base coat of white acrylic.
Stage 3: Finish painting using acrylics and black marker (front and back). Then seal with a layer of PVA.
Stage 4: Drill holes for hanging, assemble with some fishing line and bamboo lengths and TA DA! One floaty space themed mobile for two little boys in Ireland (hence the two blond spacemen - and mum, dad and a friendly alien got in there too!)

More photos in my Flickr account here. And more photos of other people's mobiles here in the Mobile Swap Flickr pool.

And speaking of swaps, this (and bag full of delicious caramelised almonds - yum! That I ate before I managed to take a photo...) came in the post on Saturday. Its from Kerstin all the way over in Munich, Germany (wave! wave! Thank You Kerstin!!!). I offered myself for a PIF craft challenge back in October (read about it here) which has ended up as more of a swap, than a pay-it-forward. This lovely handmade box was Kerstin to me ... I still have about 300 days to return the favour!. Infact, I only had two requests. I'm still up for another 3 people to send handmade stuff to. If you want to play, go leave a message here.

Right, back to my collages (all will be revealed in a day or two...)


Tiara said...

WOW!! You could sell these and make a living!!

Kerstin Klein said...

wow. the mobile is great. i love it. and it really looks sell-able.