Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Phew! Its all finally over (apart from the Visual Culture essay which is due on Thursday, but I'm not really in writing mood right now, so you get updates instead!)

So, this is what I handed in as my final pieces for my pastiche of French poster artist Paul Colin. the top is from a picture of me from a performance long ago in my dancing days, and the bottom is based on some of my favourite Swedish dancers, Hanna Zetterman and Mattias Lundmark.

If you look back at my posts you'll see that I wasn't particularly happy with my last image - and I worked out the reasons why - ie Colin really exaggerates his proportions and there is a lot of variation in his lineweight. So I went back into the lithography studio and spent a whole day on two new images. This time too I used pen and lithographic ink (touche) instead of the lithographic crayon. I think these are better than the last one, but still not quite perfect ...

I did a presentation on Paul Colin, and why and how he had inspired me, and showed off my final pieces last Tuesday. The presentation went fine - I've done enough public speaking in my time! And the tutors were happy. The crit being that I need to work more on loosening up my drawings to really achieve work like his. Fortunately they also conceded that I managed far better (on the loosening up) in my sketchbook where I was practicing drawing, and the real hurdle had been dealing with drawing on lithographic plates.

On Tuesday too, everyone else presented - so 40+ artists works to discover and enjoy :) but it all took 9 hours to finish :d ... MAN were we all tired by the end of it ...

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Tiara said...

your couple looks like they got shot dead while dancing XD