Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tandem Love

Ha! Another three weeks goes by without an update ... oh wo-es me ... To tell you the truth, I HAVE been up to lots (similar to the last post). Its just not been very 'art/illustration related' and I would like to keep this blog a bit more art focused. Edit: and oh yes, today is this blog's 4th Birthday!!!!!!!!!

I've been thinking about starting a separate blog for Littlemithi and Sunshine's other adventures (like TANDEMS!) but just haven't got round to it as we've been too busy enjoying the summer. But now as September creeps up on us and Sunshine has to be back at work fulltime (he's a university lecturer) soon, and I'm very officially freelance/unemployed/housewifey; maaaaaybe a separate blog is called for.

Anyways, I HAVE been trying to draw for the Bristol Cycle Festival group exhibition at Howies (see panel on the right) that I've signed up for. I would very much like to do something tandem based ... but I'm not feeling particularly inspired at the moment (want to be riding tandems, not drawing them...); and have also come down with a headcold which makes my brain a bit mushy. Oh well - hopefully something will come together in the end ... here's some sketches:

And in other news - we have already clocked the 100mile mark on "Bramble" (our tandem has a name now!). We both love it and have become real tandem geeks. We've been trying to update a google map with some of our longer rides as we get used to her. See our progress below (longest ride to date is the blue one - to Bradford-upon-Avon and back; a total of 54 miles in one day):

View Brambling in a larger map

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