Thursday, July 15, 2010


This little boy ended up on my final postcards and some of my business cards. He was originally done as part of my proposed design for our London show invites - to "launch" all our new careers as illustrators. I really like these long composition versions and that's how they were printed up for the degree show (at about 200% of their original size). Here's them in context of the invite (front and back) and some closeups:

Last but not least some development sketches:


claire platt said...

i love that image - I like the postcard too! I picked one up at the show at the conningsby gallery p.s your work looked amazing there! Completely in love with your chair too! Am liking the recent insights into your sketchbooks too, really interesting

Nikki said...


Maggie said...

The boy with the plane raised in his hand reminds me of the film Empire of the Sun. Recommend if you haven't seen it. Lots of stunning visuals - esp the shots of all the abandoned stuff near the end of the film, weird juxtapositions, and weird stuff too!

Best wishes from damp Liverpool

Roland MacDonald said...

These are gorgeous. Really love the format. Colours and design are great. Lots of other lovely work here to the patterns stuff above is also very successful.

Nice to meet you at the weekend. Good luck with it all. Come and see us if your in London and keep in touch about the trade fairs

Naomi Bardoff said...

These are really enchanting! I love the first one especially, the angle is so original.