Friday, April 03, 2009

Birthday Loot!

Mmmm.... have had some good birthday loot this year ... here is my birthday book loot:

Hmmm ... in love with Oliver Jeffers at the mo' (can you tell?). Working on a children's book project for college and he is SO inspiring ...

And then I happened to win Pikaland's March Pikapackage giveaway ... and lots of goodies came in the mail today ... Thank you Amy!

I also got a nice amount of dosh from my parents to buy some new clothes! Yippeee! Now just to find time to go shopping ... Oh yes, I'm going to prop-up the economy, I am! (this from the girl who goes shopping about two times a year ...).

Sunshine and I are off to Londinium (via Oxfordshire-ium) tomorrow for a very exciting making project - will blog when we get back ;)

AND this is on from tonight - I don't think I made it into the book, but I know he received my entry and apparently ALL the entries are going to be in the Gallery show. We're going to try and make time to go see ... pop in if you're in London ... it looks FAB!

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Tiara said...

Did you get my present?