Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The return of MOLECULAR!

Hello folks, remember this from a year and a half ago? Well, sometime this summer I was contacted by the people over at Spanish magazine NEO2 to ask whether they could publish my font on their 'molecular' themed October issue ... and these came in the mail for me just the other day:

See it says 'EXPLOSION MOLECULAR' on the bottom left.

Basically I re-made and re-photographed the original alphabet set; and I also did a photograph (the 'M' with the lab stuff in the background) to be used inside the magazine (seen above).

If you want the font set (as a folder of small jpegs - not actual 'fonts'), they can be downloaded from the NEO2 website. On the bottom left of the site you'll find a link to "CLUB DOWNLOADS". You'll get a pop-up from which you can choose the 'Molecular' font from a drop-down menu.

You'll then need to enter the downloading code (which is printed in the paper magazine):

If you can't be bothered by the code, the type gets archived at the end of the month here (have a look around - there's some fun stuff there! I especially like the Wash and Lego fonts), from where you can download without any codes once the month is up.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!!


Chris Hand said...

heh! well done.

Camilla said...

fantastic! That looks so great.

Syar said...

That's great! I'm 'kind of' a font nerd, so I can totally appreciate this. Checked out the original set, those looked like fun to make. :)

Bitterjug said...

Congrats, Mithi, I love how these things come back to haunt us after a time. Your work is inspiring.

caseytoussaint said...

Congratulations for some well-deserved recognition, Mithi!

suzanne cabrera said...

OH MY GOSH...how cool are you???? Congratulaitons Mithi! This is amazing!

Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

Hullo miss - Do you have a real rock to replace your 'rock' yet? x