Friday, August 29, 2008

Travel drawing

I'm back, and here are some drawings I did while I was away...

Guy asleep on the train

Two patients at an eye-doctors (both had eye drops in and hence were sitting there quietly with their eyes shut - perfect drawing fodder!).

Head-scarfed Aunty Laila - mum's friend

Changi airport Singapore has all manner of wildlife to keep the passengers amused!


Camilla said...

Welcome back! I was thinking about you earlier today for some reason- hope your trip was good and you weren't/aren't too homesick.

Gesa said...

Hi Mithi and welcome back! I came back to Glasgow yesterday: as it was just about to start raining, I smiled and was glad to be back after a good and eventful July/August. Hope you've had a good time while away?