Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer here already???

... and where's LittleMithi gone???

Just to say, I'm still here - awfully busy (since the last hand ins). I handed in the last of the Image and Obs stuff on Monday the 2nd and since then have:

Been to London
1 Doing Pulse with my sister-in-law (blog here)
2 Seeing several degree shows
3 Done a day long AOI symposium

And since I've been back
1 Clearing out all my stuff for the year from the studios
2 Helping the 3rd years putting on their degree show (starts Friday!) [event details on facebook]
3 Visited Sunshine's students' degree show

And will be in the next couple of days
1 Doing student ambassadoring at the college open day
2 Doing student ambassadoring at my college degree show - COME COME!
3 Possibly helping out at the Bristol Design Festival (as its run by some of Sunshine's students)

Haven't been doing much art - but have got a summer brief, and also looking forward to taking part in this: Miss Stacey's Summer School by lovely Milla ... JOIN UP IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!!!

Will be back soon with a feature on the graduating students, so you can get a sense of the quality of the course (and the kind of stuff I might be producing in two years!) ... See you all soon!


Tiara said...

I signed up for Milla's school :)

Camilla said...

I'll see you on Friday I hope- I love the UWE summer show, it's always well worth the visit. And thankyou and your sister for becomming my new pupils!

Anonymous said...

hi i saw you at the open day today and you asked me if i was looking at your blog, so just to let you know that now i am!! and it is very helpful in giving an idea of the course, so thanks! x

d e b b i e said...

I've joined up to the summer school!
what fun, what fun!

in response to your question on my blog: no, my MA is still in full swing - i finish in sept 2009 (still a way to go yet...)
there is an exhibition in september for the students finishing this year (I'll make sure to post info up about it at some point!)

and you do sound like a busy bee. make sure you don't tire yourself out!