Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cookie, coloured

Phew, I just got a message from Angela saying that she's received her Christmas pressie in the mail in France where she is - so I can upload this painting now. I did it last week - it's a painted in version of this litho print. I actually found it quite difficult to get it in the style of Paul Colin (my pastiche artist of choice), and on closer investigation of the print and comparing it to his work, realised that my drawing was much too deliberate. It was my first time drawing on a litho plate so I didn't know how the materials would work.

Anyways, since I was not happy with the style of the image, I decided to not worry too much about getting the painting style too correct either. Instead I got it good enough to send it to its muse, Angela 'Cookie' Andrew; mentor and good friend.

I'm hoping to spend some time this weekend practicing drawing loosely, and more in the style of Paul Colin, and hopefully go into the lithography studios next week and get some more prints done before the Chrismas break.


Tiara said...

your extremely belated birthday present just got here too XD

Kerstin Klein said...

wow. lovely.

BTW: I´m finally getting started with the PIF. Could you please check out my blog and choose your favorite design? Thanks!