Friday, November 23, 2007

I've been tagged AGAIN ...

Alrighty then ... over the past year I've been tagged FOUR times (in May by both Carole and Marie-Dom, in August by Nicky, and most recently by Milla) to do those "5/7/8 weird/random things about me" memes. I'm afraid if I don't do one soon I'll get spammed by bad luck for the next 3 years and be chased by snakes and rabid dogs (or something like that!) .

So here goes ...

1. My parents are first-cousins. Ie my mum's dad and my dad's mum are brother and sister. Takes the term "kissing cousins" to another level, doesn't it? Being a biochemist I can tell you that genetically speaking spawn of first cousins don't always get the best deal - but I think I've done OK for myself (people who know how tall I am might disagree with me on that fact!).

2. Did I just say "being a biochemist"? Oh yes, PhD infact ... I am Dr LittleMithi ... but please don't ask me about that boil on your foot - I'm not THAT kind of Dr!

3. I was an only child for 11 years 6 months 1 week and 2 days. Then this little (OK, so not so little...) lovely came into the world :) This means I can be a bit of a loner at times, enjoying my own company and doing my own thing; and also strangely, although I'm in no way ready to have a family yet, I have very little fear of babies and looking after them, having been more of a second mother rather than a big sister to the little one.

4. All my life I thought I'd end up with someone older (or at least born in the same year). I had equated age with maturity - BOY was I wrong! I went out with a 38 year-old, who acted (and still does act) like a 22 year-old. Sunshine is three years YOUNGER than me! Hurrah for my toyboy! ;)

5. I have hyper-extensible elbows. That means when I straighten out my arms, the angle at my elbow is a little more than 180 degrees. This seems to freak a lot of people out. Not anything amazing for me - but works as a good party trick :)

6. Speaking of good party tricks, I can do that tie-a-knot-in-a-cherry-stalk-in-my-mouth (ala Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks) thing. I don't know if this amuses anyone else - but it sure amuses me!

Well, I'm going to stop there as I think 6 facts is a nice average between 5, 7 and 8.

I'm also not going to tag anyone else because I don't want to put that pressure on them - but if anyone reading this feels they want to take up the meme - Go Ahead!

Toodle pip all!


Tiara said...

*is the not-so-little one, lol*

How is a 22-year-old supposed to act? I'm 22 and I have no clue. :P

Camilla said...

I'm impressed by the cherry tying skills you possess. I always wanted to be able to do that.

Kerstin Klein said...

that´s funny with the elbows.
i used to live in india during my childhood and a lot of my friend (indian) could do that.