Friday, April 27, 2007

Final Major Project progress

Summer term Week 2 at Art School

It's a bit of a lie to say "week 2 at art school" as I was hardly there this week - I've been working mostly from home, and mostly not actually working but house cleaning. My mum's visiting from overseas and the place really needed a spring clean. But just to keep everyone updated, here's some tests I've done involving my drawings, acetates, collage and Ikea shadow boxes.

My drawing as the background and a colour printed acetate in the middle of the box.

The cover of a "New Scientist" as the background and my drawing on an acetate in the middle of the box.

My drawings on acetate with some cut out old envelope insides collaged to the back.

Same "New Scientist" cover as the background with my collaged acetate in the middle of the box.

Basically I'm working on a combination of layers of acetates and some kind of collage, probably also a collaged background, inside two sizes of shadow boxes. If it comes together I might also include some elements of actual laboratory bits-and-bobs inside the boxes to add an extra 3D element. I've been to Ikea and bought a load more of these boxes, and now I need to finalise what drawings I'm going to do in each box so I can source the relevant pictures for the collages and relevant 3D elements.


caseytoussaint said...

These look great, Mithi. I'm looking forward to seeing the final project.

Anonymous said...

Looking good Mithi! Well done.

Carole said...

Hope the Mum visit went well.

These look interesting - can't wait to see your final pieces!

Felicity Grace said...

It's been absolutely fascinating catching up on your blog - congrats on going to Bristol, I'm looking forward to following your progress, will you still post in the summer hols? The things you are doing look like so much fun!