Monday, September 25, 2006

Whoopee! Big plans afoot!!!

Yay! I've just been offered a part-time place on the art foundation course at London Met!!!! The BIG PLANS as mentioned in my first post earlier this month. I'm so HAPPY!!!! Yes - I'm taking a HUGE career change from Biochemistry but I'm just so HAPPY!!!!!!!

I went for the interview last Wednesday, having spent the week before frantically putting my portfolio together. When I got there, there were LOADS of people - lots of mature students infact. When I went in they seemed to be genuinely interested in my work and liked it (and ME I hope!). Anyways, I'd applied for the full-time course but considering how last minute this was (the course starts next week!), they admitted that they didn't have many places on the full-time course, and had more on the part-time one (it's still one-year long, we just do a few less projects and have to do more "homework"). So I said I didn't really mind which one it was as long as I could get on. Infact being on the part-time course would mean that I'd have more chance of getting some decent part-time work to fund it all. Then I've spent the last few days waiting for a response from them ... EEEEP!

I spent all of Friday walking round Bricklane visiting lots of London Design Festival exhibitions, and then spent yesterday drawing at Somerset House and both of these really convinced me that I was making the right decision. I don't quite have a full idea of what path I want to go down (have some inclinations towards illustration and communication design), but am hoping the year's foundation will help me figure that out ...

Anyways, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!! I'm so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well done! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mithi!!!Oh that is great news! You shoukd be excited, it's a big step and one that not everyone has a chance to do.
Have fun while you're learning and doing all kinds of new techniques, new approaches and coming up with new ideas.
Good Luck!

Bonny in BC, Canada

Anonymous said...

God for you....Go for it!!!! We only come through this life once, at least this incarnation(?)