Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - part 7

Today's topic ... entertainment! (other wedding related posts here)

Sunshine and I lead fairly active lives - infact we met swing dancing, via a mutual swing dancing/juggling friend who Sunshine had met through juggling. And as such, we had to do very little in the way of organising "entertaiment" for our guests - as they were all so entertaining themselves!

Our friends performed for us (clockwise from top left: Pich did his stick routine, Ed did a hillarious pizza twirling routine to "That's Amore", and Cookie sang for us.

There was a lot of juggling/manipulation gear about - and a lot of hoolahoops! As seen here enjoyed by both young and old ;) (please do click on the images to see them larger - especially little Manon who was just a gem of a guest!)

As we had met dancing - we had our first dance to a swing version of "Sunny" by Ernestine Anderson. (Sunshine - Sunny ... you get it, yes?)

DJ-ed by some of the best swing DJs in the country (who also happen to be our friends ... how lucky are we??!!??) ... thank you Daniel, Tom, David, Mel and Mark ...

Much dancing ensued till late under the marquee ...

Whilst in the garden, much multicoloured spinning could be seen.

The dancers were all trying to hoop and juggle, and the jugglers all wanted to dance. The non-dancer/jugglers also all joined in the festivities ... it was GRAND! So many of the parents generation kept coming to us an commenting what talented friends we have ... and indeed we do ;)

In other news, the wedding has been blogged about again - I have updated my Thank You post with the link ;)

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Alicia said...

I just found you via flickr and I just want to say that I love the look, feel, energy of your wedding! I'm about to be the one scouring flea markets, yard sales, curbside trash, for all the vintage lovelies I can use to infuse a sense of romance and fun into my wedding for which we've yet to set a date! Thanks for sharing!