Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adana update

So, there's far more to hand-presses than you would think. I have been doing a lot of reading and yesterday even managed to see one of the print tutors and borrow a quoin key so that I could unlock the type and clean out the chase that came with my Adana. Last week I also managed to drop by the Impact 2009 product fair (I wasn't a delegate - just gate crashed!); and speak to the people who make these Safe Wash inks - and they gave me a couple of free samples :)

So today when my rollers finally arrivd in the post, Sunshine and I had a go at printing ...

We haven't really got the correct 'tympan' on the platen yet - I've ordered some in; but in the meantime was just using some paper and board of random thickness ... We tried the Christmassy type that came with the print... But didn't manage to get a very good impression ... (even after fiddling with the impression screws).

Then we tried some spice jar labels (something I had picked up at a charity shop a long time ago ...). OK but not great. I think we also don't quite have the right sort of paper - tried several varieties and the results are quite variable.

Then we tried a wood block that I'd got the same time I'd got those spice jar labels.

This was probably the nicest - but still with issues.

By this point we were both very hungry for dinner, so cleaned everything up (these Safe Wash inks are a joy to work with - oil based but cleans up with washing up liquid!); and we shall leave more experimenting (other papers? flexoplates? other inks? wooden type?) for another day ...


printmonkey said...

Hi Planetmithi,

Your post reminds me of my early days with an Adana Press. I found that the platen padding, and the setting up of the four impression screws were really important for getting the best results. Keep up the good work !

Printmonkey (another Bristol printer) !

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've had my eight five for 45 years and it's still going strong. Hope you solved all your problems by now. The type looks "off it's feet" on your picture, that means half the letter rint and half not.

Also the roller hight is critical, make sure that they just kiss the type and not rattle over it. You can do tis by sticking strips of card to the beares the rollers run on. Wth the impession screws, lock up a type character in each corner of the chase. Then screw the impession back. Engage the platen to the print position and tighten each corner until it wont go any further. You are now level and can adjust accordingly. You can trust my advice as I'm a qualified long in the tooth almost extinct Letterpress Printer. Regards, Keith