Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Day

It is family day here at planetmithi ... Sunshine and I would like to say:

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil sis Tiara ... who turns 24 today ... lookie at what a cutie she was! (with me aged about 12 I think) ... Woo .... loveses you!!!

Then, HAPPY 40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my folks ... look at them being all cool in the 70s ... oh yeah ... my parents ... looking fiiiiiiine ...... ;)

And also, HAPPY 40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to Sunshine's folks on Monday ... can you believe it? The two sets of parents got married within two days of each other on two different ends of the world 40 years ago!

Woo! Have a great day all!
Much love, from Us


Artfulife said...

Thats pretty awesome! Hope everyone has a super happy day.

Dilkey said...

Thanks Myth thanks Drew,this is going to be a wonderful Wedding Anniversary, though we are missing you people a lot.Lots of love. Ammu n Abbu.