Sunday, September 20, 2009

Website! Shop! 300th post! AND giveaway!

Whattalotta things going on! I'd like to introduce you to what I've been working on the last few weeks - my new portfolio site! Those of you who have been coming here will have noticed the two changes of banner images recently - one was a trial, and the other (on now) was to make it more in-line with the website, which is at :

It's still in the process of being refined - lets call it a beta-release ... - and I'm hoping as I produce more work over the year; I can take off some of the old stuff, and put on more new stuff - but at least I've got something up now... Also, is still redirecting to this blog - but in the future, when I'm happier with the state of the portfolio, will direct straight through to the portfolio site ...

The other thing I've been up to is I've also finally set up a SHOP! After two years of having an account there, I give you

Not much on there at the moment - but you can purchase mini prints of my little Charleston Bees Knees girls and also Mr Fox ;)

This is also, my 300th post! And in conjunction, I've got a little giveaway for my lovely readers... Remember our wedding invite and how much fun our guests had with them? Well, I have about 8 tweeters still available to the first 10 people who leave me a comment here (please make sure you put in your e-mail address so that I can get hold of you to ask for your address ...). Come on folks! Stop, lurking and say hello!

The first term on my final (yikes!) year as an illustration student officially starts tomorrow - although not a lot happens in the first couple of weeks ... Stay tuned for some exciting new adventures in the next year :)

Giveaway edit: Yay ... all gone!
1. Kerstin
2. SaraPham
3. Lucy H
4. Andrea
5. TheFrase
6. FabricNation
7. Claire
8. Emma

Will be in touch ASAP!


ksklein said...

I´m saying hello and hoping that I made it into the top 10. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! i just found your site since I just got engaged and I love this invite!

Sara Pham

Lucy (Co elephant herder) said...

Hello Mithi! Good luck in your final year's hard work but good fun too! Let me know when your degree show is, I'd love to come and see your work.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh, yes please! Does this mean I'm the first?

Your website is looking really great, too.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh, it didn't mean I was the first then. Bum, I never win anything.

the-frase said...

I really like the design of the website. It works really well with your art!
The navigation is very similar to what I want to do with my site when next I re-design.
As always your wedding posts inspire us to get off our arses and start getting creative towards our wedding!

Fabric Nation said...

Hello! Congratulations on the 300th post and the fab new sites! Your work looks great and I've really enjoyed following your adventures. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway too. gxx
(email's on the blog profile)

Fabric Nation said...

forgot to saw, really like the bees knees illustrations. I heard about all the dancing, sounds really good fun.

claire platt said...

the website looks really good!
As is the etsy shop! Your work is really awesome though and I think you've undervalued it a little! (hope you don't mind me saying that? its just they are really good!)
good luck for the start of your final year! very exciting!

Emma said...

Hi Mithi!

I'd love one of your lovely tweeters! My email address is

I'm off for a look at your shop and portfolio site now!

Maggie said...

Dear Mithi,

Congratulations on your 300th post! I so enjoy your blog - I left a lab tech job way back in 1971 to do a Foundation Course.

While I was accepted on a Graphics course I hated it (Graphic Design was very different back then - I really really loathed the typography course!), not helped by the sexist attitudes of the head of department. Sad to say I only lasted 2 terms (thus reinforcing said head of department's view of wimmin) and ended up as a psych day patient. I'm so glad to see that things have changed so much! :-)

You are immensely talented, and from this side of the screen it looks like you are a real hard worker too. I am certain you will make a great success of your new direction, and it's really great that you are enjoying your course so much.

Off to check out your Etsy shop and new website now.

Best wishes from rather greyish Liverpool