Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photographic practice

Week 7 at Art School - p.2

This is Dave Hobson, one of our tutors, explaining to us what we were about to do the rest of the day.

Last week we were told to "... bring with you a broad and good selection of materials, devices, and objects that you can use to dress, exaggerate, decorate, extend, deform, distort, emphasize and adorn the whole or part of the body ..." We all came in with all sorts of props and paraphanelia - I mostly brought in Sunshine's juggling things as I thought they'd be different from everyone else's.

Dave quickly went through with us about "framing" photographs, and reminded us that the aim of the day wasn't so much the getting the "costume" right, but more about exploring what we could achieve with our photography of the subject.

We were paired up and had to dress up and "art direct" our partner, and take photographs of her/him (and then they did the same to us). I worked with Emma who wrapped me up in a big sheet of plastic and adorned me with silk flowers (and a metal egg basket on my head!). I on the other hand did some interesting things with: a black poloneck jumper, a pair of black tights, a couple of black acrylic balls, and a pair of juggling clubs ...

Used The Flatemate's film camera, and have deposited the film for developing - can't wait to see the results!

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Renate said...

I hope we will see the results too!