Monday, November 20, 2006

Mixed media art

I've spent the last few days finishing off the homework from the creative drawing project. Above is the final piece and below a detail from it:

The scratched wax work is quite subtle and it looks much better in real life than in these pictures. Here's a slide show showing how I made them:

A hazard of not having your own space to work in is that sometimes accidents happen. The Flatmate managed to use the cutting mat without making sure there was nothing on it - and sliced a line into a piece of work. To balance things I sliced the piece that was paired with it, and sew up both cuts with yellow/gold tread as a detail.


Jana Bouc said...

Your school course is astounding in the breadth of media and techniques you're learning. This piece is really interesting and beautiful. It's thrilling to me to visit your blog and see what you're working on next. Is it hard to keep jumping from one thing to the next, rather than spending more time with each thing or do you enjoy the variety?

Tiara said...

You have more patience than I!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Thanks for sharing all your work and the processes that go into it.

Ujwala said...

This is the one thing that I liked about art college. Every week a different activity. Occasionally though, especially when I was falling behind on some activity, I would want it some other way.

Now that college is behind me I come back here to see what you are upto. And apart from the learning it is great to see that you are enjoying every minute and making the most of it.

Casey said...

Very interesting work. And I like the way you turned an accident into an advantage, the gold thread was a grat idea.