Thursday, November 02, 2006

Creative Drawing

Week 5 at Art School - p.2

Yay! Another drawing day!!! I've been really enjoying the creative drawing classes we've been doing - and we had another one today. We started with just some simple mark making studies. We masked off squares on our big sheet of paper, then drew with a kebab-skewers dipped in Quink (watersoluble ink). Each box was the study of a letter, number or shape (the slightly grainy effect is where I've first drawn in with a candle stick to make the ink resist the surface).

In the afternoon the tutor came in with bleach, melted wax (and an iron), tracing paper, tissue paper, bits of fabric, needle and tread, and pins, and left us to experiment ... I loved it! Here are some of my results:


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh Mithi adore this top drawing. It's brilliant! The image as a whole looks amazing, and all indivdual boxes are so well drawn.

Ujwala said...

your work and the content of the programme are both amazing. i am a regular visitor reading your weekly posts and progress. and also busy plotting and planning on how to continue my own formal art education :P How long is this course for?

Anonymous said...

Mithi ... you totally deserve the D - I hadn't seen your blog before!!! amazing!! Found it as a link on derv's blog. See you Wednesday!