Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More contextualizing ...

Week 8 at Art School - p.1

After our project brief from last week, I decided that I wanted to focus on a couple of pieces that I had actually used in my portfolio to get into the course I'm on. One is a collaged letter A made out of bits of a cut up atlas. It was done as a project run by Sunshine's sister.
My original inspiration for this had been a piece in the Tate Modern by Layla Curtis called "United Kingdom" (click on the photo for more info about it).

Today I've been doing research in the library and got hold of a book with a lot of cartography inspired art called "You are here" which has already given me lots of leads.

The other piece I've chosen to work with is a screen print I made based on a very old photo of a very young me! (It's the "girl with ice cream" piece - this photo incidentally was taken last summer at our adult education classes end of year exhibition)

The obvious first choice of inspiration is of course Andy Warhol (click on the picture for more info about it).

I've also been looking into other pop-art inspired leads for artists doing things using photographs as source material and very flat colour usage. Hopefully I'll have it all collated soon and can put a link to my finished project up here.

Art and design history lecture today was "Futurism (from Italy), Constructivism (from Russia) and the De Stijl group (from the Netherlands)".

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