Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Digital Image Manipulation

Week 9 at Art School - p.1

Today we were mostly in the IT workshop getting a quick tour of Photoshop. None of it was really new to me as I'd played with Photoshop before - so it was mostly getting used to the Macs (I use a PC) and seeing how quickly I could get things done. Considering I used to find "layers" an absolutely ungraspable concept - I've come a long way in the last year or so. Thank you to Sunshine for being my in-house Adobe tutor!

We had to manipulate a picture of ourselves and here are my results (top left is the original picture):

Art and design history lecture today was about the Bauhaus school. We also got to see a short clip from the Austrian director Fritz Lang's film "Metropolis" from the same era.


shirley said...

These are so neat - I especially like the fractured psychedelic colored one. I wish I had the time to devote to Photoshop-my skills are at the beginner level and the learning curve is sooo steep.

Tiara said...

whee kaleidoscope kakak!

mewants a beret. XD

Piglyt said...

Layers are actually a piece of (layered) spongecake! You can easily grasp them: have your cake and eat it too. How the hell DID you do that one in the bottom right? Does Photoshop have a built-in for that or was it as much work as it looks?

littlemithi said...

Well it was KIND of hard work - but seemed quite easy. Cut and copy bits of my photo (so each piece would get its own layer!). Switch off the source layer. The go to each individual bit and distort the shape a little, change the colour settings randomly, and rearrange slightly. Background to black and VIOLA!

Anonymous said...

Only term one, and you've done all this already! I love the prints and the textile piece. We are moving at a much slower pace, as we're only in one day a week.

Jana Bouc said...

Too funny and so interesting! I like the 3rd one best.