Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tying it all up

Today was the last of our life painting classes and a chance to amalgamate everything we had learnt in the last few weeks. I was mostly just playing with colours still and getting to grips with working tonally. I did move up a gear and worked at a larger scale - apart from the bottom portrait, everything else is A3 size - and the paintings you've seen up to now have been A4.

The end has come round much too soon :(


sooziebee said...

OOH love these, esp the 2nd one

suzanne said...

If it has to end, this is a nice way to finish!

Pikaland said...

My favourite has got to be the first painting -- the colours, the warm tones, the silhouette.

Congrats Mithi, and there's bound to be more challenges to come!