Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Park people

I find it quite uncomfortable to draw people. I guess I just lack confidence at drawing such complex, moving, organic objects. I asked around on the EDM yahoo group for tips on how get better at drawing people - and the resounding answer was "practice practice practice". So I have.

I arrived early for my appointment today so spent half an hour sat at the park nearby. There were several people on the benches and I decided to have a go at drawing them. As you can see, I picked someone reading the papers, and someone asleep to try and minimize the amount of movement :) . Faces are another difficulty and I didn't even manage to get bench-guy-1's, so I forced myself to draw bench-guy-2's as best I could. I'm quite pleased with my attempt actually.

So, practice practice practice!


Lin said...


Jana Bouc said...

Wonderful drawings! You capture the planes and volume and shapes very well--almost architecturally and very interesting. Have courage--it's worth it drawing people!

kuriyama said...

Very nice.
I like this work.
Simple and Quick drawing.