Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos galore

My (our?) current favourite photo from the wedding ;)

As the blog will be quiet again for a bit while we are away at my parents, I thought I'd leave my readers with a bit to look at while we are away ...

Firstly, remember my invite? I was a little unsure how it was going to be received as its not your typical wedding invite, is it? Anyways, I also asked people to send me pictures of their "Tweeters" once they made them up - and what a good idea
that was :)

Here is a link to a gallery of Tweeters - Sunshine's dad especially (about a-third down the page, from Dubai) really got into it and his selection is
wonderful ...

And if you're up for more; here are some actual wedding pictures (lots on facebook so you will need an account for that): Will also keep updating here as more photos get put on the internetz :)

Nic Rogers Flickr

Simon and Anika Flickr

Julie Facebook

Mel & Jo Facebook

Mithi's dad (on Tiara's account) Facebook

Nic Hannam (claims to be other people's!) Facebook

Uncle Chris (on Lucy's account) Facebook

Xtina (5 photos within a larger 2009 folder) Facebook

Milla Flickr

David & Jodie Facebook

The Kathys Picasa

Adele & Mark J Picasa

Oh yes, and we've already been blogged about :

Milla & Adele


Adele said...

I think I agree! It's a fabulous photo. So very representational of the sparkling personalities you both have. :-D

d e b b i e said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
I'm so happy for you x

Emma said...

I love this photo! Great outfits! I'm loving looking through the photos that your friends and family have uploaded. It looks like a unique and creative wedding (as I expected it would be!). Congratulations to you both.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo's, you looked the cats meow! and those cakes....looking forward to catching up with you when your back (and also when I'm back off honeymoon). Oh, and I also saw all the pics of the birdie invites on your site, made me really chuckle. You've got some amazing memories there, I kow tow to your crafty designs!