Thursday, July 09, 2009

9 days and counting!!!!!

Oh! Its been over two weeks since I wrote last ... sorry! But as you can imagine, the wedding planning/making has really stepped up speed now ... with only 9 more days to go! Whoopeee!

I did thought manage to go to London last week and visit the D&AD NewBlood exhibition. Here's our college stand - And congrats to Becki for winning a Best New Blood award!

Am really glad I went - as it gave me a sense of what I need to achieve for next year. The Coningsby show is on at the moment till Friday ... I was very much hoping to go, but I'm not going to make it ... considering how much wedding stuff is still left to do ...

Wedding planning is coming along smoothly - with lots of wedding crafts which I will blog lots about AFTER the wedding! Cheerio folks!


Adele said...

Glad you made it to the show. Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding! xAx

Anonymous said...

Hey, that crept up quickly - hope the big event all goes smoothly, and all best to both for the future! Greeting from your ex-colleagues who are still trying to be scientists.
Judith x